Butt Party War. A competition between males, usually at a social function, where as the loser passes out and is sodomized by the other male or males. (In a heterosexual way)
Sean:" Why was Dan walking funny this morning?"
Chris: "I won BPW."
Sean:"...Dude are you gay?"
Chris:"Nah, brah, I didn't enjoy it, I just won."
by ViperDixxx July 04, 2010
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Bangs per week.

A phrase often used in long term relationships to quantify sexual interactions.
Hey Ryann,

You're acting a bit grumpy, are your BPW's down at the moment?
by Zol4urAss May 27, 2016
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Beer Pong Wednesday

An event in which a bunch of college kids (namely those at FSU) get together every Wednesday and partake in the ancient game of Beirut(beer pong). At the end of each semester Championships games are held.
Are you coming over to Kester's for BPW?

Is BPW at the Seminole Grand boys' apartment this week?
by BrandiFreakinMurphy January 14, 2009
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Busy Playing With Self. A way to tell those online to leaving you alone while you masturbate to Internet pornography.
Friend: Hi!
Me: Hi!
Friend: What are you doing?
Me: bpws on naughtyamerican.com
Friend: Oh cool, can I have the passcode?
Me: Go away BPWS!
by Ryan cheman December 10, 2007
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