Acronym for "fuck shit up".
The act of fucking shit up. Applies to partying really hard, trashing the environment around you, or just being hardcore.
Man we`re gonna FSU so hard tonight at the show!

We just went in to the party and FSU`d!
by Flav91 May 25, 2009
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they call themselves Friends Stand United, but 'fuck shit up' is also an apt moniker. they started as a group of boston hardcore fans who have announced to the world that they "rid the boston scene of nazis", and proceeded to become terrors and bullies themselves,
eventually destroying the boston scene because people wouldn't go to shows or have parties, they were so frightened of FSU's violence. there was a period of years where nobody had parties for fear they would show up.
not only does fsu 'not take shit' from people, they also enjoy beating kids up at bars and parties for no apparent reason. violent, nasty, and disrespectful, they've been banned from a number of bars and clubs but are back ruining parties yet again. they are widely disliked and feared in boston, and if they show up at a party you're having, you best shut it down so they leave.
it took three fsu guys to curb that one poor kid, he was just hanging out drinking beer at the model.
by rockcityruined August 27, 2006
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FSU or Friends Stand United are a bunch of fags who gang up on people at concerts/start fights, they never fight man to man, they always, as the name implies, fight in numbers, usually against a single opponent. They seem to think that its cool to just stomp people who disagree with/disrespect them, as opposed to being a man and fighting 1v1. Also they often use weapons and cheap tactics against unarmed and often innocent concert-goers
by Lenny's Blazed May 21, 2009
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Fuck shit up.

Stealing traffic/construction cones, chasing small child men, yelling "don't fuck with my friends" at innocent passersby, sleeping in garages just because, skinny dipping with sexy Scottish men, having wrestling matches on the floor at 3 a.m. to prevent the bar from closing, taking a shot of tequila whiskey baileys and malibu just for fun, streaking in front of small children, and most important snuggling.
Sooo what are you and the rest of the dream team doing tonight??

Oh I dunno, I suppose we'll just FSU. The usual. You?

Probably just watching you, wishing I was half as cool.
by DaleBrennan September 29, 2010
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Crew that originated out of boston as a means for defeating the nazi presence there. Now spread across the whole nation by annexing other crews in and making the entire crew stand for nothing. Straight edge kids defending drug dealers with white power skins backing up minorites and an all around lack of structure and meaning. Have been accused and convicted of murdering innocent attendees at hardcore and punk shows. Have been beat up and put in there place by the hells angels biker gang and the DMS hardcore crew out of new york. The few respectable members of the crew are looked down upon for their ignoring the wrong doings of the others that they are affiliated with.
fsu is a crew that originated in boston.
by zach mayo February 26, 2007
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Alex: Yo I'm bored
Calvin: Lets go to Andy's house to FSU!
by kinkynigs July 12, 2009
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Fuck Shit Up. To destroy and tear apart anything and everything around you.
Kid 1:Yo what are we doing this weekend?
Kid 2: FSU
Kid 1: FSU?

Kid 1: hell yaaaa
by chumasimply February 21, 2011
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