A girl who is so hilarious, awesome, and sweet to hang around. She has so many friends and can get along with almost anyone. But if you get on her bad side....well I gotta say you don’t wanna go there. She has a sense of humor and lots of people like that! She is so gorgeous like you don’t even know. She cares so much about others and is so kind in many ways!
Omg Jazmine is so hilarious did u see what she just did!
by Mydood.boi July 06, 2018
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A beatiful girl who is very loyal in her relationships, forgives but never forgets, a girl who loves her best friend, whoever leaves her is very stupid, she worries about you, she will treat you like you are her everything. Everyone wants her. She is very confident. She has more guy friends than female friends. She is talkative, funny, confident, caring, attractive. Has a lot of friends. Plays hard-to-get. Very mean to people she don't like, respects people she cares about.
Lover boy: Ay, homie you broke up with Jazmine?
Ex:yea why
Homie: you stupid, now she mine but gonna be hard. I mean she treated you well and shit.
Ex: I know that's why I broke up with her, she too good for me. But I do still love her.
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A Jazmine is a smart, sweet, sexy & beautiful person.
You will never find a better girl or girlfriend, if your a dude you'll want to marry one someday, if you lose her it's your loss. She's an amazing friend & is always there for you. losers get jealous & talk shit behind her back or over the Internet but only because they know she's a better person. & she has an amazing best friend(;
by MssD September 25, 2011
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Jazmine is an amazing girl. She is beautiful, kind, and smart. She loves to help others and nature.
Jazmines are appreciative and caring, but like anyone they have their flaws. They can be a little dramatic and care what others think, but if they put their mind to it they can become confident in themselves.
Wow Jazmine is helpful
by Basketball10 June 11, 2018
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A jazmine is a cute, smart girl but don't know it if you talk shit she gonna slap you she don't take it so good luck and she is amazing best friend or bestie and she will all ways be there for her family and friends
guy: oh my gosh jazmine is so ugly
jazmine: what you say do you wanna get slap i will do it
by hahaha jazmine January 24, 2019
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A beautiful flower, with a sweet, yet sassy attitude toward life. She is fearless and knows no boundaries. She walks on the wild side at night, but is an just as ordinary during the day as anyone. The night is her playground!
You are jazmine to even think that
by arusk76 November 07, 2006
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A girl that is nice , sweet , sassy and most importantly gorgeous. If you have a Jazmine as a friend / girlfriend / wife treat her right because you will never find another girl like her. Jazmines are usually known to marry guys who name starts with an "A" ( Aaron , Alex , Alexander , Adam , Ali , Alen Ect. )
She is such a JAZMINE.
by Fernplant October 08, 2013
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