Dalia is the most trustworthy person ever,if you need someone to talk to she will always be there for you,Dalia doesn’t need someone to tell her what’s wrong and what right she just knows.Shes DROP DEAD GORGEOUS,any guy would be so lucky to have her,she’s the kind of girl who never gets jealous and is always happy no matter what.Shes honest,kind,gorgeous,trustworthy,out going,and so much more the lost could go on forever.She is very personal and very emotional.She doesn’t need make to look beautiful because she already is and a lot of people get jealous.She a very likeable person and she gets along with everyone.Everyone loves her
But she has a dark side...she hides her pain with a smile acting like nothing is wrong,she’s known for someone who is never sad..so she wear a smile as long as possible.She very very personal and doesn’t trust anyone not even her besties,her parents.NO ONE!But there’s always one person she trust no matter what.They talk everyday about what happened and they are not best friends but they trust each other.So after a long day after school she takes away that smile and saves it for the next day.But she’s always happy either way.
Guy:Who is that drop dead gorgeous girl

Guy:You’re right why am wasting my time on you!*leaves*
Girl:Why are Dalia’s better!
Guy:Shut up Natalie

by Lule 1492 October 7, 2018
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If you meet a girl named Dalia your most definitely lucky. She will always have you happy and you will never want to lose her. Dalia is a sweet kind caring and loyal girl and she will always be by your side when you need her. At first they’re a little shy but once you get to know her she will always make you laugh
“Did an angel just fall from the sky”. “no Joel Dalia just walked into the room.”
by Joelowen1738 March 18, 2019
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Dalia is a goddess. Her eyes sink u into another universe. Her lashes so long and beautiful. Her smile her laugh so so so conatagious.her walk and her talk, but she doesn't know it. She's shy at first and when u get to know her she the funniest person and she always has people's back. She is the most loyal person, sweetest person, and courageous woman. Her hair is so long and luscious. If you meet a Dalia your a lucky one. Like the flower she's one of a kind and unique , she'll always have u laughing, she's quite clumsy. But she's a charmer.
There's a new girl name Dalia, that means she must be a goddess .
by True.facts101 July 21, 2018
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Name of an absolutely gorgeous angel. Everything about her is magnificent. You will get lost in her eyes. Her personality is everything. Completely selfless. She has been through a lot, yet still manages to smile when necessary, and when she smiles, she lights up the world. She hides her pain, and is always quiet, but once you make time to get to know her, you will not regret it.
Have you met that girl Dalia yet?
Ye she's everything I've ever aspired to be
by nalkine February 1, 2019
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A girl who you would struggle to find words that does justice, because every word you try would end up very pale in comparison to the real thing
Dalia, youre so precious
by DrTomato July 2, 2018
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an amazing trustworthy person who will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what, she's the go-to person for advice, when you need someone to pick up she's gonna be that person. she's such a great girl! she's beautiful, funny, smart, nice, outgoing. her best feature is her personality because shes bubbly and a has great sense of humor. she always sees her glass half-full and never half-empty. she will put a smile on your face without even trying! she see's life in a positive way. her smile hides all the pain she goes through, but shes a strong, independent, women! she knows what she wants and goes for it ! she never lets anyone stand in her way of being happy. shes those 1 in a million kind of girls that every guy would want, any guy would be lucky to have her because shes not like other girls! like the flower dahlia, she's sweet, unique, and gorgeous, she may deny it but she truly is something special.
dalia is super chill !

"shes pretty! who is she?"
"she looks like a dalia?"
by XOjaslowXO February 1, 2012
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A girl who pleases others before herself. She is trustworthy. You can tell her anything. If you feel down, she will make you feel better. It's hard to find Dalias, they are very rare. She is very intellegent. Beautiful inside and out, but denies it. She has an amazing personality. She surrounds herself with people she cares for. Good friend when needed. Her family is VERY important to her. She is very passionate about everything she does. Never let her go.
Person 1: She's perfect.
Person 2: She's a Dalia.
by foreversuomynona January 21, 2012
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