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Ryann is a girl who is beautiful, smart, caring, funny and a great friend. She always has your back whenever you need it. You can never be bored when you are hanging out with Ryann. She can go on hours and hours just making you laugh. Her name means queen so treat her like one. If you reject a Ryann, you are going to regret it. She is the most caring girlfriend and if you ever get a Ryann as a girlfriend, it will be the best. Ryann usually are the youngest out of her siblings and have brown hair and hazel eyes. She is very athletic and multi-talented. Whatever she picks as a sport, she will be amazing at it, she might even get the best spot on the team. Ryann's are caring for anything for example cats and dogs. She will always help when she needs to. Ryann usually gets good grades in school and loves to help her teachers. She is very picky with her friends and if you get to be one of them, you are very lucky. You can trust her with any secrets and she can tell you some of hers also. She is very outgoing and quirky. She loves the woods and hanging out with her very very close bff's. She loves to try new things but doesn't always like everything. Only the closest friends will see the true hilarious her. She will have the best and the cutest boy in the school. They will have a special bond that no one else has. If you ever meet a Ryann, you are very lucky and never let her go.
Girl 1: Do you see Ryann?
Girl 2: Yeah! She is so beautiful!
Girl 1: Yeah and she is the best friend in the world.
by Margeret101 April 04, 2018
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She is a beautiful, sweet, kind, and caring girl. Her name means Queen, and that is exactly what she is, so treat her like that if you are ever lucky enough to get a Ryann in your life. Everyone trusts her with all of their secrets, and she gets all of the good gossip. Not only does everyone tell her everything, but she also tells everyone else all of her drama, because sometimes, there is a lot of it... and it is pretty juicy. Though sometimes she wants what she cannot have, she will always make the decision that is right for her in the end. Another amazing thing about Ryann is that she doesn't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree, but rather the friends that put the gifts there, if you will.
Ryann's hair is amazing today!
Well when isn't it?

That was so sweet!
Thanks, I'm trying to be more like Ryann.

There's Ryann over there, lookin like a snacc!
by Ashleigh Harte December 19, 2017
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gaelic. a true irish name. typically meaning beauty, she is a girl who will have your back and will be there to catch you when everything falls apart.
Everyone seemed the same but Ryann changed everything.
by queenbee11 March 21, 2009
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A female version of Ryan. It's irish/gaelic origin means "king" thus the female version shall mean "queen". It is a name of royalty.
She is the "Ryann" of the house.

by princess34 December 28, 2008
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Ryann is a name that is usually only given to people that are beautifuil, silly, awesome, caring, and the most amazing friend in the world. If you ever meet a ryann you would understand! She will be the most amazingest person in your life where you can spend hours and hours with and never get bored. She is a true friend! <3
"i have the greatest friend in the world"
"Is it Ryann?"
Man, i wish she was my friend"
by ActinfreakCass March 19, 2011
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the baddest bitch you will ever meet. kind of looks like beyoncé, has a HUGE ASS. whenever she’s drunk she hangs all over every guy. ryanns typically fall for skinny white boys with no muscle definition whatsoever. ryann is the definition of the girls throwing ass at a party then being too afraid to present in front of class.
ex: “Yo did you see ryann all over griffin the other night?”

Yeah but now she’s gonna get mad if anyone brings it up.”
by Ass Clutcher March 05, 2019
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