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send me a nice bp
by rose581 September 20, 2019
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Sarah: you are fat as ever
McKayla: BP at least I don't go through more than 3 boyfriends a week
by Ari so cute August 21, 2015
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A Bitch On Her Period.. (It Doesn't Have To Be Used In That Way When You Say It)
You Say That In Replacement Of Bitch Or Biploar
Why You Acting BP? Don't go BP on me!
by Describedtou May 21, 2015
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Damn he got a BP on him
by HOODIECHINO November 24, 2021
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Someone asked me for a bp but I thought they meant bj and being the whore I am I said maybe only realizing moments later they meant booty pics and I instantly wanted to commit die because I would much rather people think I'd give a blow job than send pics😞
by Stooopidhoe March 27, 2020
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Send a bp
by @jayh February 24, 2019
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