A BP is a Brain Picker (abbreviated) short for Psychiatrist. My Mom told me this, and she should know as she is 93 years old. lol
Man, that BP needs a BP ,he thinks it okay to pretend to be a million different people! How is he going to help anyone when he's not at home in his own Brain?
by Non Partisan October 31, 2020
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Brain Pickers, what my Mom calls Physciatrists. She's 93 she should know.
Man, those BP's are criminal, picking through everyone's heads.
by Non Partisan October 18, 2020
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Man 1: When you fucked her pussy did you put a BP in her asshole? Man 2: Fuck yeah I did the shit was like a river.
by PussyFucker352 August 14, 2016
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Wowaweewa! Xecg has a BP!
by xecglover February 17, 2021
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you're not bulletproof.
zack: we can get the 1s

person: I mean you're not bp
by T1nyDuck February 13, 2022
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x:did you really do that?
y: oh, bitch please. of course I did

something like that bp
by justcurios October 20, 2019
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