A mental disorder marked by alternating periods of deep depression and extreme euphoria (mania). Contrary to popular belief, the violent mood swings associated with this illness are far more prolonged than ordinary emotional ups and downs, and the shifts of mood are sustained, lasting weeks, months or even years. The classic form of this condition is an extremely severe form of psychiatric disease but in more recent times milder variations more depressive-heavy and less manic have been included. It, however, remains very serious in all its forms and no group of people, mentally ill or mentally healthy, commit suicide half as much as manic-depressives do. It's a horrible disease and certainly not to be trivialised as just "mood swings".
People with bipolar kill themselves more than any other group of people. It's some serious shit.
by Doc_B May 1, 2015
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A brain disorder commonly thought to be caused by a genetic string and different balance of chemicals in the brain. Often associated with superior intelligence. People with their brains wired this way often are extremely creative and leaders in their field. Well known people with Bipolar include Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Winston Churchill and Hemingway. There is some evidence that people with this brain disorder are able to access more parts of the brain than the general population. Due to the fact that they constantly have to deal with a dumbed-down world, that are at risk for suicide.
Bipolar is a bitch but has its rewards if learned to be personally controlled when early signs of a frustrating swing occur.
by Yeahbutthis Istrue March 22, 2020
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Mental Illness that is hard to understand. It is NOT a split-personality, and it does NOT include alter-egos. That is personality disorder/schizophrenia. When you are manic, it is the equivalent of being high. Its like driving very very fast without brakes. You usually cannot see that you are manic, and it really pisses you off when someone points it out to you. When you do realize you are manic, its after you've done/said something horrible. At this point, you feel that even if you get back in control, it is too late, you've already fucked up. This feeds the mania, and keeps it going. It is almost impossible to sleep when manic, and you get crazy ideas.

When you are depressed, it is horrible. The whole world is in shades of grey. No one can pull you out of it.

Bipolar should not always be viewed as negative. The way I see it, it is compensation. When someone is extremely smart, creative, or talented, it disrupts the balance in the brain. So, the brain must do something to restore the balance. ADD, Bipolar, Depression, etc. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert E. Lee, Beethoven, Buzz Aldrin, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Isaac Newton, Plato (according to Aristotle), St. Francis, St. John, St. Theresa, Mark Twain, T.S. Eliot, Sigmund Freud, Victor Hugo, I think you get the idea.

Just realize, every gift comes with a curse, and every curse comes with a gift.

If you take medicine, and practice self-control, you can harness your mania and channel it into a talent.
I have Bipolar, but it doesn't define me, and I don't let it control me.
by eleanor-grace April 2, 2008
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People who are NORMAL, but just happen to get times when they feel unstoppable and other times when they feel down in the dumps. They are not FREAKS! They are not PSYCHOS!
Me- I'm bipolar and I am still a normal person and am not crazy!
by Raliah March 29, 2008
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Commonly used to refer to bipolar disorder, a serious psychiatric illness marked by alternating periods of extreme elation or irritability (mania) and severe depression.
Bipolar inflicts havoc on lives.
by Doc_B April 17, 2015
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Bipolar disorder is a behavioral disorder with severe changes in mood and energy. These changes affect a person’s ability to handle their day-to-day tasks. These changes in behavior are defined by the types of symptoms a person is experiencing: manic, depressive, or mixed. Each period could last weeks to months.
by I'm_A_Bisexual_Bitch July 6, 2018
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Mother polar bear: Hey son what gender are you attracted to?
Boi polar bear: Mom I'm bipolar
by Bipolar boi June 4, 2019
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