She’s the angel in everything and whenever you see her your heart will beat faster than before. She’s he kind of girl that you will like as soon as you see her.
Me: Is that Justine?
Zach: Yeah, Shes the girl that everybody’s been talking about!!!
by RealSlayer October 23, 2019
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Justine is an awesome individual and best friend. All the guys fall for her because she is stunning, beautiful, funny and sometimes crazy. She thinks really low of herself because she is modest but we all know deep down she has lots of confidence. She is sweet and caring and an downright amazing person.
Laurence: Damn, you see that chick last night? I wish I could have talked to her

Mike: Yeah man, that was Justine. She's smoking.

Laurence: Yeah, I want her number.
by someone who loves green day January 15, 2012
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Individual and artistic, a Justine usually doens't give a crap about what anybody thinks of her.
Innovative and sincere, a Justine is a jack of all trades and appears to succeed in all that she puts her mind to or at least appear to. ;)
Thus, insecure people will either hate on a Justine just for breathing or feel safe under a Justine's wing. ( due to a Justine's natural paternal nature)
"Oh my god, did you see Justine today? She always looks good withought even trying! I HATE her sometimes..."
"I can't do that! Why don't we ask Justine, she's supposed to be really good at that kind of stuff, right?"
"Man, it isn't a party until Justine walks through that door!"
by NylaEm April 21, 2008
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a female, reckless yet tamed most of the time.

the most adorable person and the greatest best friend.
Damn, Justines are so rare nowadays.
by the one chick. August 20, 2010
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Justine is an awesome girl who has the looks, and the humour. She has gorgeous brown curls and a cute little face, and always manages to keep the boys smiling. You just can't get enough of Justine. With a great fashion sense and body like a babe, she's just so hard to resist. But she's hard to get, so good luck.'
Guy 1: Wow, i had a great time with this awesome girl last night.
Guy 2: Bro, that only means one thing, you were hanging with Justine!
Guy 1: Hell yeah! :D
by Dutwot October 30, 2010
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A vibrant brunette, who's very easy on the eyes. She's the kind of girl every guy wants to be with. She's someone you want to know even if only for a short time. She brightens up your day and leaves you wanting more. CAPTIVATING and SELF ASSURED.
Boyfriend: So what do you guys think of my new girlfriend?

Friends: She's Justine!
by lucky2knowU February 3, 2010
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