is the capital city of Colombia,Known as the Athens of South America Bogotá is Colombia's largest economic center full of culture unique in mixed of music museums and home of festival of theatre Bogotá the biggest festival of theater of the world Bogotá is a beautiful city full of diversity
bogota is the capital of colombia a beutiful city
by BOGOTA COLOMBIA February 22, 2009
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Capital of Colombia. See Colombia.
Bogota is the shit!

Doug Liman should've done a Google search before filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith
by Luizza June 28, 2006
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Carlos arrived in the capital of Colombia, Bogota.
by Waffer February 2, 2004
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The Capitol of Colombia and also its largest city (almost 5 times bigger than the second biggest city in Colombia) it is arguably the most beautiful city in Colombia and South America. It has the 6 largest shopping malls in the country, the 3 best colleges in the country, and more museums than the rest of the country combined. Colombia's most famous restaurants, night clubs, and tourist attractions are all in Bogota. It is also where Colombia's biggest music and theater festivals, as well as concerts have taken place (Lady Gaga, Metallica, The Black Eyed Peas, Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Pet Shop Boys, David Guetta and Paul McCartney) with the exception of Beyonce who did a concert in Medellin. Bogota is truly a capital in every sense of the word. It is the political, cultural, economic, musical, theatrical, gastronomic, and religious capital of one if Latin America's most dominant countries. As well as being one of the "Big 3" in South America with Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.
Guy 1: Let's go to Bogota! The biggest outdoor theater festival in Latin America is happening this weekend.
Guy 2: Yes! And then let's stay another week for the David Guetta concert!

Guy 1: And we can enjoy the city's world class restaurants.
Guy 2: Man this city is amazing
by Juan Valdes January 22, 2015
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The capital of the province of Colombia, located in Mexico.
Lets go to Bogota and get some tacos.
by anonymous12341234 January 18, 2008
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A town filled with everything from gangsters to emo chicks and 7th graders that look like macaulay culkin. Since Bogota High School starts in 7th grade, the girls become sluts and start smoking/drinking/doing drugs even faster . Most people flock to GSP, Teaneck, or Ridgefield Park to have fun because there's nothing to do in Bogota.
Person 1: Hmm. I want to hang out with some emo 7th grade whores, smoke cigarettes and then maybe go to the mall.. where should I go??

Person 2: Bogota, NJ
by newjerseygirl123 April 18, 2010
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Bogota bullion, slang term for Cocaine. Bogota, referring to the capital city of Columbia a renown producer of cocaine largely facilitated by the Mendel Cartel in the 80's and early nineties. Bullion obvious acts as a adjective device in this slang term.
Damn, did you hear about smoothie? He got pinched with a trunk full of Bogota bullion!
by Hollywood Kid May 24, 2008
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