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Teaneck is a town in northern New Jersey, and is a few miles away from New York City. The town is split into 5 sections by an invisible border. There's the Mexican side of town, the redneck side of town, the Black section, the average income black/white section, The Jewish section, and the really really Jewish section. Despite its diversity the town is run entirely by Jews, and school will always be closed on Jewish holidays.
"Israel is nothing like I pictured it to be.."

"Dude, this isn't Isreal, it's Teaneck."
by Samuel Yankowitz March 04, 2005
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does not mean a dick stupid fucker. Teaneck is a town 15 mins from the NYC. It is the 2nd exit off of rt 80 and basically where the NJ Turnpike begins. Teaneck is split into many sections, where even the HS has the "spanish" doors, the "black doors", etc. And no matter what, there is no such thing as raciscm against white ppl. Its ALWAYS against black ppl...even tho 72% of the HS is black...make sense??..Yeah reverse discrimination is a big thing. Always the 1st town to voluntarily intergrate during the segragation period. Boring, yet a very nice town to enjoy menorah and dreidel shopping, and enjoy very fine kosher meals. Also, don't expect anything to be open on SATURDAY OR Sunday because the Jewish laws(lol) close everything on Saturday and the Blue Law closes everything on Sunday...But all in all...ppl still stick around cuz no1 every leaves...
Yo, lets go to the 'neck(teaneck) and enjoy some fine latkas and kosher soda!! werdddd...
by werrddd December 11, 2005
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Teaneck is known for its "sides." It includes basically a white and black side. The Black side is from Vote T park and so forth to Bergenfield and Englewood. The White side is from there till the rest of teaneck and so forth to Bogota and such. Teaneck includes not only thugs and gang bangers but many Jewish people. Cedarlane is very much populated by Jewish stores and under the influence people surrounding it.
Yo my nigga in teaneck did you see how many jews were on the black side today?
by bitchassnessssssss July 15, 2008
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Teaneck is a city in Northern Jersey. Its 6 sq miles and has a population of 39,000 people. Teaneck is a victim of urban decay and is fastly becomeing a dangerous place to live. In the past 2 years the crime rate and gang activity has risen alot and is rising fast. In the last 2 months there were 3 murders in Teaneck, NJ 2 of which were gang related.
"ITs a shame what happened to Teaneck NJ"
by crazymofodatcrazymofo September 25, 2006
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City in New Jersey. Hometown of the MOST AMAZING history teacher - Jeremy W. Byrd.
"Where is Mr. Byrd from? Why, Teaneck, New Jersey, of course!"
by tiger lily February 03, 2005
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Polish for "penis." A cruel joke was probably played on by Polish settlers on the town of Teaneck, NJ. I can see the semblance between the town and a dick.
"Patrzeć na ów teaneck"
Translation: Look at that penis
by Alex March 05, 2005
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teaneck is the real hood im not talking about the hood im talking about the hood hood where every corner is run by dealers and gang bangers. The highschool is over run by thugs and you cant walk down the block without getting robbed. All the trees in the local park have gang banger flags claiming their set and showing who runs the park. The local bakery is run by crooked cops and if you give them any trouble they will run your pockets. In conclusion teaneck is referred to as the neck or "da neck" and its where The Boss resides. Basically Teaneck aka da neck is a waste of time but if your looking for the boss you can find him on the lane.
If your looking for the boss theres a chance you will find him in the neck(teaneck) on the lane
by The Boss 201 April 26, 2007
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