A smoothie, a common American beverage in which the preparer integrates various fruit and dairy products, has become the de facto staple of cuisine in various Disney Channel and Nickelodeon television series. What ambrosia comprised to the residents of mythical Olympus, or manna constituted for the Hebrews in the ancient text of Exodus, the smoothie has become to the modern Disney Channel Original Star.

As a general rule, any character in a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon series must engage in one of the following activities: (a) partake of smoothies on a regular basis; (b) patronize smoothie establishments repeatedly, whether or not actually partaking thereof; (c) either serve as the founder of a smoothie establishment or possess a parent who owns or operates a smoothie establishment; or (d) profess love of the smoothie on a regular basis, whether or not actually consuming such during filming. Though no character has actually evinced the mettle required to do so, expressing distaste or even indifference towards the smoothie would comprise the utmost blasphemy against all that these two esteemed television stations hold dear.
Gordo (with utter obsequiousness): Lizzie, should you deign to condescend to partake of a smoothie whilst accompanying me to "The Juice is Loose," I should feel deeply honored.

Lizzie (with utmost solicitude): Forsooth, I should greatly enjoy accompanying you thereto, and I should feel exceedingly edified to effect such.

Miranda: Awesome-- Smoothies! That'd really hit the spot right about now. We are OUTTIE!!!

Gordo: You shan't invite this vulgar, pidgin-speaking cretin to accompany us thereto?!!

Lizzie: But Miranda's been our friend, like, for forever!!

Gordo: And you certainly shan't defile yourself by engaging in her vulgar colloquialisms?

Miranda: Since when did Gordo become the WORLD'S BIGGEST JERK?!!

Gordo: Indeed!
by Jimmy Flinders October 29, 2007
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A smoothie is a cold, fruit-based blended drink. It is usually composed of a variety of fruits and sometimes yoghurt to thicken the concoction.
"I ordered a strawberry-banana smoothie with a mutlivitamin booster and it was go-od!"
by Rudie February 23, 2006
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a girl who shaved her pussy!!
that girl was such a smoothie!!
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"You know, the thang you be smoothin out your clothes with"
by Mike the Piump February 26, 2003
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A non-dirty sounding way to refer to oral sex, regarding both males and females, also known as cunnilingus or fellatio.
"I didn't get laid, but she sure gave me one hell of a smoothie"

"He has no clue how to give a decent smoothie."

"Sure, I got some light smooth, but it was not to completion."
by The Situation April 22, 2009
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She gave me a nice bannana smoothie until I released my protien pack.
by Jeb from NH July 25, 2003
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gay sexual practice, a gerbel is dehaired with "NEER" hair remover. then placed in a paper towel tube, and the tube is placed at the opening of one lovers anus, the other lover then blows a hit of crack cocain into the tube. you figure out the rest.
Bruce enjoyed his weekly smoothie from Felix,it made his feel like a little girl again.
by cj December 5, 2004
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