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A Bullion is a highly educated, ALWAYS sophisticated, and forever looking for action, type of individual. They especially like younger partners and are always trying to get them drunk so they can rock the cock or slam the clam. Either way a Bullion can successfully do this because of their innate greatness. Don't be alarmed if you meet a Bullion, but be guaranteed you will never forget them. When you are blown away by the great looks PLUS their almost learned wonderful behavior in the bedroom, or outside, or in a car, or on a boat, or where ever you are with them, just remember, “Damn it’s a Bullion.”
Guy 1-"Man I had the BEST night of my life last night!"
Girl 1-"Must have been with a Bullion."
Guy 1-"Bitch you know it!"
by Bullion2003 August 18, 2008
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A bullion can be defined as someone who is extremely hostile to others and is generally a very mean person.
Katherine is such a bullion she made me cry for an hour straight.
by Bullionedboy2013 November 14, 2013
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