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Bong Gym Chill: Much superior than the GTL, Gym Tan Laundry of Jersey Shore, is the BGC, Bong Gym Chill, which consists of getting high, working out then chilling and getting more high after your workout. There is no tanning or laundry involved in the BGC
"Yo bra wanna go hit the gym?"

"Hell yeah dude, but we better make it a BGC!"

"Fuck yeah bra!"
by stonedbrainz November 16, 2011
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For example:
A curvy white girl wearing all S.D Charger gear walked up to a group of Black guys wearing Raiders garb from head to toe telling them, "Raiders fucking suck so get the fuck out of here"!!. The group of black guys said " Damn you fine and we can't believe you weren't afraid to talk to us". "anddd you have some curly hair and a big booty?" Ohhhhhhhhh Damn your BGC!!!!! true story
by Marandie July 06, 2013
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Yo, B. J just brought the BGC over to our house. Dude, roll 'em out!
by Dana Good October 28, 2003
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BGC stands for booty gang captain, one of many titles on the rapper "ugly god"
"He's the BGC"

"I know bro he got booty for days"
by The booty gang captain August 05, 2017
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Acronym for "Bony Grarrl Club." A Bony Grarrl Club is a battledome weapon and an avatar item on BGCs are very expensive.
Lender on Chat Board: Lending BGC!

Noob 1: LEND ME FREE!!!

Noob 2: ME! ME! MEEEEEE!

Noob 3: l3nD m3 ca|_|52 I kn0w 1337

Good Player: I have full collateral. Will you lend to me please?
by Travis_2 August 07, 2011
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An awesome girl who's awesome and a friend to squirly (she calls "ali"though it should be "allie"). Her name comes from her msn name. Babii_Girl_Carol
Person 1: Wooot, look at that BGC. Man I wish you were one of those
Person 2: I wish I had a lolipop...
Person 1: Exactly...
by Imprintee Of Jacob Black February 13, 2009
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