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A fad similar to planking, popular in recent years among college-age youth, whereby photographs are taken of couples engaged in "underwater smoking" with the signs stating the prohibition of such activity appearing in the background. The subjects in these photographs can be either clothed or unclothed. A planking position is assumed by one party who positions his/her face directly in the twatular area of the other party and performs or simulates cunnilingus on the other party who may be reverse planking or in some other creative position.
Unimpressed by Shawna's dare to perform a planking stunt, when it was his turn, Everett challenged her to participate in a stanking photo. Pictures of them performing this stunt ended up in the newspaper the next day heavily censored, of course; but from their positions, and the sign behind them reading "underwater smoking is prohibited" it was all too obvious that they were engaged in a public, naked stanking.
by W. Wolfe October 18, 2012
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