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Big Fake Tits.

An abbreviation for an obviously augmented set of ta-tas.
Woah! Last week she was flat now those honkers are ginormous. I bet she got a set of BFTs.
by rpetras May 04, 2008
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If you live in a small hick town it means- Big Fucking Truck
Dude did you see Cletus burning out with his BFT today?

Ya, I think he was going home to kiss his sweetie with his fist.
by Eric_Wright June 13, 2007
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'bout fucking time

When you wait someone to respond or similar.
Jim says, "Hey man"
5 minutes later
Rick says, "hey"
Jim says, "bft"
by Craig Houston August 26, 2004
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Mo Mo and Toshanda be ridin' in the BFT with Skinny Dip and Cletus
by Bosheeka October 14, 2003
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BFT - Is an acronym for Big Fucking Tits.
Hey man look at that chick, she has BTF's.
by Nick March 13, 2005
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Butt Fuck Texas. Way out in the middle of nowhere.
I'm not going there, that place is way out in B.F.T.dude!!!
by synt@x February 16, 2007
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