"I forgot my swimming suit"
"No problem, we can go skinny dipping"
by Andre December 17, 2003
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for crying out loud, it's just swimming naked, IT'S NOT KINKY
Don't go skinny dipping, my parents are watching.
by an azn August 20, 2006
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One day A group of girls in their late teens early 20s wanted to go swimming but didn’t have bathing suits so they went skinny dipping instead.
by Hahah278388 December 11, 2019
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To swim with no clothes on. More fun when done with people of the opposite sex.
I asked Melissa if she would go skinny dipping with me, she said yes.
by Southern Threat December 4, 2020
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1) engaging in sexual intercourse while swimming
2) swimming nude either with a large group or one other person, who usually is a hookup or love interest
3) swimming using underwear as a substitute for swimsuits, usually done with friends
1) "I totally got laid with that chick skinny dipping last night"
2) "Hey babe why don't we spice it up and go skinny dipping tonight?"
3) Joe: "Hey I really want to go swimming right now but I didn't bring my trunks "
Jane: "Me too, but I don't have my bikini either"
Joe: "How about skinny dipping then?"
Jane: "Good thinking!"
by Stevie Scott September 3, 2008
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