i bet my bbc is bigger then urs 🤑😏👅💦
by ur mom has big pp April 30, 2018
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“i love bbc!” “big black cocks?” “yes, or big black cows if you’re into that”
by big black cows August 2, 2018
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Stands for Being a Bitch Condition.

This word is mainly targeted towards people that are total pussies and can't take pain.
Man, should I get this papercut checked out?

No... you'll be fine, but you might need to check if you have BBC.

BBC? What's that?

Being a Bitch Condition
by toools80 October 23, 2010
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it's an acryonomn that stands for Boss Bitch Clique (pg version: Beautiful Bossy Chicks), which is a group of beautiful, intelligent and ambitious women.
Every woman should want to be apart of BBC.
by shaquanta August 1, 2014
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Bitches be crazy!

A recurring theme in the 2007 movie version of "The Heartbreak Kid" starring Ben Stiller and probably one of the few universal truths out there.
Guy1: "Dude, I just met this girl and she's already planning marriage and kids.."
Guy2: "BBC, you know that."
Guy1: "True dat."
by Behatin March 29, 2008
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As well as being a pretty shit bristish television station, BBC is also an acronym for;




It is used to describe a situation in which a woman (Bitch) has done something incomprehensible or unfair. A woman who is one day mad at you for being too sensitive and emotional and then the next minute is mad at you for being a closed book. A woman who asks you what you would like to eat and then spends the next 10mins telling you how much she hates your choice in food, you in general and everything and anything related or unrelated untill she breaks down in tears and demands a "break"

It basically describes any girl ever!
Guy 1 "Yo bromie, my girl just asked me why I don't love her body anymore, even though I spent all of last night complimenting her fine ass!"

Guy 2 "Yeah dude, BBC!"


Guy 1 "Yo bromie, my girlfreind doesn't like me looking at her toes because she thinks they are ugly and if i do, i don't get to smack that poon all night!"

Guy 2 "Yeah dude, BBC!"


Guy 1 "Yo bromie, my girl always talks about her ex like he was the fucking king! Even though his broke ass used to beat her and never let her go out?!"

Guy 2 "Yeah dude, BBC!"


Guy 1 "Yo bromie, my girl loves that gay vampire from Twilight?"

Guy 2 "Yeah dude, BBC!"
by mikeyb2thagg November 24, 2010
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