Balls where your boobs should be
"Woah that guy needs a bra, he has boobs."

"No, he has balbs"
by balbmaster January 08, 2010
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BALB stands for 'Below Avg Low Budget'
It is Used in various situations.
Friend 1: What did you eat in the morning?

Friend 2: A BALB sandwich.


*2 Friends meet after a long time*

Friend 1: Heyy Buddy! Long time. How have you been?

Friend 2: Living a BALB life. What about you?
by Jakoplasma June 01, 2018
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A balb can have one meaning, then change its meaning, but still keep its name
Balb = red
To Balbernise = make something red
Balbernised = made red
then its meaning changes
Balb = blue
To balbernise = make something blue
Balbernised = blue
via giphy
by ItsLondon! December 07, 2017
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