Big Ass Laugh Bitch
Literally used when tired of LOL...
Awesome Guy: Tell that girl to make me a sandwich!

Other Guy: BALB!
by Douglas J. Falcon the 3rd... August 18, 2010
BALB stands for 'Below Avg Low Budget'
It is Used in various situations.
Friend 1: What did you eat in the morning?

Friend 2: A BALB sandwich.


*2 Friends meet after a long time*

Friend 1: Heyy Buddy! Long time. How have you been?

Friend 2: Living a BALB life. What about you?
by Jakoplasma May 3, 2018
Russian word.

The acceptable.
The colloquial. fool, stupid person

On an explanatory dictionary of Ozhegova, Balbes, the colloquial word meaning the confused, rough and crude person
Ты балбес- Ti balbes - You the fool
Balls where your boobs should be
"Woah that guy needs a bra, he has boobs."

"No, he has balbs"
by balbmaster January 9, 2010
what chris likes to lick sometimes
Chris, lick my balbs.
by ryan, you know February 26, 2007
When a guy pees out his butthole and craps out of his penis
Last week I had a horrific experience with a zurkem balb
by SPC_ZACKATTACK October 3, 2018
A balb can have one meaning, then change its meaning, but still keep its name
Balb = red
To Balbernise = make something red
Balbernised = made red
then its meaning changes
Balb = blue
To balbernise = make something blue
Balbernised = blue
by ItsLondon! November 27, 2017