A boy group signed to P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records. Consists of five brothers: Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell, and Bryan. They currently reside in the crunk capitol of the world, Atlanta, Georgia. The guys can sing and, as Diddy himself said, "Dance they asses off." The name "B5" comes from their last name, Breeding. Oh, and they're pretty cute, too.
Girl 1: B5 is the best boyband since B2K.
Girl 2: B2K should be called B4 B5.
by Tricia October 7, 2005
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5 SEXY boys that can sing
woa b5 is sexay. i wish i had one
by crazy 4 B5 March 26, 2005
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common Abbreviation for "Babylon 5", a science-fiction TV series as revered among hackers as was the original Star Trek.
by Biohertz January 31, 2003
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A Flat 5, in music the 5th degree of the scale lowered a half-step. Also in chords, minor 7 (b5) minor seven chord with a lowered 5th.
"Hey Graham, was there a b5 on measure three?"
by Hobie May 3, 2005
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Big Black Butt Busting Baton. That raped the girl at the winch. They also all play basketbal and got away with it.
"Yo did you hear about the b5?"
by sharttastic February 21, 2005
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B5 S4 refers to a car manufactured by AUDI(VW) between 1997-2002.. It comes in a station wagon (Avant) or 4 door sedan equipped with a twin turbo V6.. It is an engineering masterpiece due to it's timeless Audi shape, Quattro all wheel drive system, and aftermarket upgrade potential.. This is one of the most expensive cars on the road to maintain; and owning one will ultimately turn you into a 2.7t master-mechanic..
"Damn.. Did you see how beautiful that B5 S4 sounded as it flew by our Subaru wrx STI.?"
by ?Mr.E-Man? August 30, 2021
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This car is a Audi/VW production car that was made from 1995-2002, A car truly for people that simply could not afford the B5 S4, unlike the B5 S4 the B5 A4 is excruciating slow, has shitty bumpers and a puny little 1.8T that also sounds like a tin can when a big turbo is strapped to it, many B5 A4 owners like to steal B5 S4 body parts and put them on their car to give the appearance of an actual Audi, leaving many poor, B5 S4 owners without side skirts, grilles and worst of them all, front bumpers. They think they are one of the elite, they are not. Do not be fooled by the B5 A4 community. Lastly If you are ever approached by one of these creatures just say the magic word and they will disappear and that word is.. “big horsepower”
“Hey mark you see that sick B5S4!?” Nah man that’s a b5 a4 with an s4 bumper you can tell by the mirrors, grille, side skirts, rear bumper, trim around windows and the awful sound of that 1.8t

“Hey billy why is that Audi so slow?” Because it’s an A4 billy
by The not so car guy August 31, 2021
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