the highgest possible level of sexiness, only acheived through years of rigorus training
damn, that bitch has one sexay piece of ace that I wouldn't mind eating off of.
by Brandon Do December 2, 2005
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Highly appealing or interesting; Not Ann
Dang! That J.Lo sure is sexay!
by ayann May 1, 2003
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modification of the word sexy
probably made up by britney spears.
that guy is sooooo sexay!
by no1biatch June 4, 2005
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Someone who is super beautiful and attractive. They also have a wonderful personality and sense of humor and are all around amazing. Not to mention theyre great in bed.
by Casey aka Wifey February 27, 2011
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When someone has reached such a level of sexiness that they can't even be considered sexy any more.

The category of attractiveness above sexy.
Highest level of attractiveness.
Friend: Did you see that pic of Niall I sent you?
Me: Ya, he looked so sexay!
by sparklycholoshankmeorspankme January 29, 2015
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When a guy or girl is so sexy that you must add an extra letter to get the point across.
Dayummmmm Zach Efron is so sexay
by Shaggybug February 20, 2015
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