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Pig latin for "scram," which means "leave."
(Mom and Dad are having sex when Little Johnny walks in)

Johnny: Hi Mom! Hi Dad!
by Tricia June 01, 2005

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In the music industry, when a song or album is being put out before it is officially released, usually online.
Sometimes when an artist's album has been leaked, they release their album earlier than planned for fear of the bootleggers.
by Tricia February 26, 2005

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One of the most talented rappers out there today. Makes more money from doing appearances on other peoples' songs than making his own.
Fabolous has made appearances on songs by artists such as Jennifer Lopez, B2K, Amerie, Lil Mo, Usher, Christina Milian, and 112.
by Tricia March 26, 2005

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A boy group signed to P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records. Consists of five brothers: Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell, and Bryan. They currently reside in the crunk capitol of the world, Atlanta, Georgia. The guys can sing and, as Diddy himself said, "Dance they asses off." The name "B5" comes from their last name, Breeding. Oh, and they're pretty cute, too.
Girl 1: B5 is the best boyband since B2K.
Girl 2: B2K should be called B4 B5.
by Tricia October 06, 2005

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a chic that is trying to get pregnant but doesnt tell the guy shes sleeping with
"What a turkey basting whore"
by tricia November 23, 2004

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To jump on a couch means to openly express your love or infatuation with someone. Couch jumpers are usually rich actors who appear on a nationally televised show to show off their new girlfriend.
Tommy was so enthralled by his new found love Kathy that he started jumping on couches.
by Tricia July 04, 2005

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one who isnt just a whore there also skanky.
Molly is such a scankwhore.
by tricia July 16, 2004

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