The Angel of Death.
Possibly the kindest and most misunderstood Angel(not a demon). Helps in the transition of the human spirit from life to death onto the spiritual plane.

A good companion to his depressed and suicidal friend, keeps them from killing themselves.
Only being who understands the want to be erased from existence. Not to spit in God's face that they don't want heaven or to depart from God. Doesn't want to got to Hell either. Doesn't want to spend an eternity with out the ones they care about, believes human life is to short a time to live.

A being who cares about your well-being.
A comforter to the loved ones of the deceased; to help and protect them in that time of grief.
Ex: Azrael , The Angel of Death my friend; how I've missed you.
by Real-Radical April 13, 2020
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Azrael is the angel of death, Deployed by god, he needs no weapons, he only needs to collect souls.
"Azrael is coming to get me!"
by The Evil One April 7, 2005
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The given name for the angel of death. He "escorts you" when it is your time to go.
not to be confused with the rest of your idiotic definitions
by vincent December 17, 2003
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American teacher teaching English in Japan famous for his "I am a Japanese schoolteacher" blog.

He gets Kancho'd a lot.
See for further details.
by Praetoriani May 11, 2005
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The ArchAngel of Death in Hebrew and Islamic Theologies. The deliverer of souls.
Azrael is the Angel of Death who is "forever writing in a large book and forever erasing what he writes: what he writes is the birth of man, what he erases is the name of the man at death."
by Mr.Keekles May 26, 2005
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A very adorable young man, who is very smart and witty! Takes pride in his work and what he does. Can usually charm a girl just with his smile. Azrael is nothing but nice, and fun and playful like a dog!

Azrael's usually end up with girl's by the name of Elise, Emily, Emma,etc.
Wow look at Azrael he's so cute!

I know right?! Too bad he's with Emily.
by Gingersrule September 10, 2013
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