a form of self mutilation. you basically just rub an eraser over your skin really fast and it burns really bad and eventually the skin can break. it scars worse and hurts a lot longer than cutting yourself will, which is why for some people it works better. it gets the job done when mom finds out about the cutting.
My mom found out about me cutting and took away my razors. It's all good, though, she can't keep me away from pencils so there's always erasing.
by jeansandeyeliner March 27, 2011
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A paper tearing, graphite smearing nub.
This eraser is such shit, I'm crossing out mistakes and edits, just like when I use a pen.
by Treysadilla July 13, 2011
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The Eraser is an album by Thom Yorke (the lead singer of Radiohead), and it came out on July 11th, 2006. What an amazing and beautiful album this is! Surely this is the album of the year, or at least so far until the new Radiohead CD comes out. All of the songs on this CD are excellent! Thom Yorke is a genius!
The Eraser kicks all of your asses!
by boringlolita July 12, 2006
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when you try to give your friend some food in class just say "do you need an eraser?" and the teacher will think you are just giving your friend an eraser, but really, your giving them some hot flamins or mini peperronis.
yo, can i get a eraser?
by BOIhelp May 9, 2019
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Although I'm far from the point, I don't make mistakes, I fix yours.
by Jade November 14, 2004
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The sexual maneuver that involves placing a large amount of baby powder between a person's butt cheeks and clapping them together as you would a pair of old chalkboard erasers.
"Dude, I totally gave her the eraser last night."
by francis the mule November 11, 2018
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an eraser is a piece of soft rubber or plastic used to rub out something written.
'hi can i borrow your eraser?'
"no .'
by erispersonblahblah October 1, 2020
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