4 definitions by Praetoriani

American teacher teaching English in Japan famous for his "I am a Japanese schoolteacher" blog.

He gets Kancho'd a lot.
See www.outpostnine.com for further details.
by Praetoriani May 11, 2005
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A word Sakura from Naruto always shouts out when she's pissed or extremely excited. Could be used as "Alright, damnit!" or "F*ck yeah!"
"Shannaro! My parents always treat me like babies!"

"Shannaro! Good job, Naruto!"
by Praetoriani April 15, 2005
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A person who teaches Sakura-loving persons on Narutofan how sarcasm is applied on the internet.
He is friendly and randomly calls people retards.
by Praetoriani May 8, 2005
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