The most beautiful girl in the world. She is flexible and sweet. She is on her phone A LOT but can make anyone in a happy mood. When she is in a bad mood DONT MESS WITH HER.
that’s ayla
by Jake Paul fan November 19, 2017
Ayla is a person who is extremely shy, and feels very self-conscious. Despite her shy attitude, she is the best friend you can have. She will stand by you no matter what happens, but hates to take sides between friends. Ayla's are usually betrayed or used a lot, so they find it hard to trust people, but if they end up cracking a joke, or even having a conversation with you, you might be on their radar for possible friends. They usually have brown hair and hazel brown eyes, and tend to be introverts at heart. Ayla's love anything that has to do with creativity, whether it's writing, or drawing. Ayla's also tend to be very beautiful, but dont notice it or refuse to belive it. Ayla's are also emotionally weak, despite telling everyone they're fine, and hate to cuase problems. No one really notices them as they fly under the radar, but once someone does, they can't forget them. Ayla's tend to fall in love once, and never again. If the person whom they love leaves, Ayla's won't forget them, ever. If you have a friend who is an Ayla, consider yourself extremely lucky, as they are one of a kind.
Person 1: Hey... I haven't seen that girl before... have you?
Person 2: Oh her? I've noticed her around, and when shes around her friends, she always seems pretty cool. I've tried talking to her, but she ignored me....
Person 1: Sounds like an Ayla....
by Blackwidow632 January 28, 2016
An Ayla is a beautiful creature that cares for Friends and Family more than herself. Ayla's are most commonly known for general relatability and reliability. An Ayla is generally nice but can become fierce when annoyed.
"That girl is such an Ayla
by RSM_Shadow November 20, 2016
Ayla is beautiful and talented not only is she funny , caring , smart , athletic ,creative and lots more she is the best friend I could ask for . Her smile could turn the worst day into the best and she is an amazing dancer , pinapples are her best friends
Ayla that picture is amazing

Ayla your the best
by Littlevivo03 October 21, 2015
Ayla is a wonderful friend, very sincere, always there when you need her, and can sometimes be altimeter bit insecure.
If I told you everything I knew about Ayla you would want to be her best friend too.
by OMGangster07 January 8, 2017
An Ayla is a intelligent, smart, wise, funny, sarcastic, competitive, negative person who will always protect her friends no matter what. She will tell you the truth, even if it hurts. She might come off as boring or uncool but she is much different. She will prevent you from doing stupid things. DO NOT MESS WITH HER OR ANY OF HER FRIENDS OR SHE WILL DESTROY YOU!!!
She is an Ayla, definitely.
by hermioneeverdeenchase August 3, 2018
The most amazing girl you will ever meet she is undeniably gorgeous and has best friends named Brooklyn and Kaitlyn she's usually super nice and if you hurt her or any of her friends she will murder you

"Ooofffff she is hottttt"
"She is such an Ayla"
Ayla is my friend
by slothh November 24, 2017