A beautiful girl inside and out. Others may portray her as annoying because they are jealous and know deep within themselves that Ayah isn't the annoying one they are, they just need to say that to feel better about themselves in front of others; to convince others that Ayah is annoying when really the other person is annoying and their one deep insecurity is that they want to be exactly like Ayah. Ayah always tries to be nice to others, and joke around with them. She is one of the most beautiful girls around, when she smiles its the prettiest smile around for miles. Don't mess with her after lunch though because she is tired by that time of day, but also energetic since she just ate lunch which isn't a good combination. Although she is the nicest person around she gets ticked off and upset at things very easily because she is a sensitive person. Her comebacks are mean but DA BOMB, but she always automatically feels bad after and guilty when she says something mean, but hides it because most of the time people know she is just joking. Ayah has special senses she automatically knows when people are talking about her, exactly what they said, so don't be her friend if you are a snake because she will know exactly what you said. Ayah can sense when people are following, or watching her. Don't talk behind their backs or creep around these beautiful girls. Ayah is a funny, nice, sweet, happy, precious, beautiful girl, who loves people, always smiles, and loves apologies.
Aww! She's so cute and nice, her name must be Ayah!
She's so beautiful and funny, you should always LOVE Ayah!
Don't be a snake and jealous to Ayah, she's so happy, I'll yell at you if you ever upset my precious Ayah!
by anotheroneDJKhaled March 5, 2018
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The most beautiful creature god has blessed us with, a person with all the perfect traits and characteristics, beautiful in every way possible, a person holding this name has the personality and looks of a goddess, she makes everything better with her touch and is the most lovable person in this world.
by New Dawn July 22, 2018
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The most astounding lady you will ever meet in all your years. Ayah is mind boggling, profound, shocking, and brimming with amazements. The complexities of her wonderful soul will perplex you to the closures of the universe. Her inward excellence is more noteworthy than that of any other individual, regardless of whether she doesn't see it for herself. Ayah is certainly a standout amongst the most astounding individuals you will ever meet and she will leave an effect on you that you will never forget.The most wonderful animal god has favored us with, a man with all the ideal qualities and attributes, delightful inside and out conceivable, a man holding this name has the identity and looks of a goddess, she improves everything with her touch and is the most adorable individual in this world.
Hey look who's coming it's Ayah!!!!!!
by Someoneintheworld54321 December 1, 2018
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The most amazing woman you will ever meet in your entire life. Ayah is complex, deep, astounding, and full of surprises. The complexities of her beautiful soul will mystify you to the ends of the universe. Her inner beauty is greater than that of anyone else, even if she doesn't see it for herself. Ayah is definitely one of the most amazing people you will ever meet and she will leave an impact on you that you will never forget.
Patrick: "Ayah is the most awesome person I have ever met."
Steve: "I agree!"
by ForeverLookingForward April 8, 2010
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she is funny,and is a great friend! sometimes she might be annoying but she can be fun.she is smart and beautiful in her own way even if she doesn't know it.
girl1: she is such an ayah!
girl2: i know i can tell!
by khra October 7, 2017
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A beautiful girl from Yemen who is Farhana's best friend. She's got the the most mashallah features and personality and is one of gods most precious creations. Ayah's are very rare species so if you find one, keep it, you are extremely lucky. Ayah's are the most outstanding, breath taking, magnificent, inspiring, flawless, optimistic, generous, unique, ideal, pure, matchless, positive, perfect, delightful, angelic humans, so make sure to never let one go if you find it.
Your so mashallah you must be Ayah!
by farhanaaa04 September 28, 2018
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She is the greatest senpai. The only bad thing is that she is a Stan of dream and she doesn't like Todoroki.
A nice person and will be there for u in tough times. She is Senpai of Tayte and if anyone else tries to become senpai Tayte will stab u. Senpai is greatest.
*Ayay* bottom text-
Ayah my senpai
by Frog 69 July 12, 2021
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