When u or ur friends are gassed and so say that one word to hype it up.
*you see ur girl whining*
Everyone - “Ayyy
*ur friend is looking peng*
Friend 1 - “Ayyyy is that u yeh?”
by Anonymouswyssss December 13, 2017
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Word used to describe sensation given when fucked up in the backseat putting a fadora on the car head rest in front of you. Can be very exciting. (When fucked the fuck up.)
"Dude, watch this!"
*puts fadora on back seat*
by Nickeatsbabies February 20, 2010
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an amazing trend that deserves all the hype because it's stupidly addictive.
'my cat died.'
by ripthatpussayayeee April 29, 2021
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Shouted by a passerby in Myrtle Beach that apparently got arrested for doing that.
by Kenton Makings November 2, 2018
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