19 definitions by Lexy

1. Ultimately Useless Chairman if any kind of committee
2. Small Angry Dwarf on Speed.
3. Nicky's Spooning Partner
4. Ex-stoner who clam\ims to be able to roll a joint in under 7 seconds. I believe him.
Goddamn Nickle, Why didn't you get those mardifockin recquisitions from the SRC


Oh Jesus, who gave nickle the TV Bar with Guarana in it? look how fucking Hyper he is!!


Oh God, are Nicky and Nickle fucking AGAIN?
by Lexy October 21, 2003
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Spanish paralinguistic feature of communication. Employed when no words are capable of conveying the frustration, anger or general absurdity of the situation.
by Lexy May 18, 2004
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1) saying the word beach only saying it like biatch.
2) calling someone a bitch or beach
1) hey lets all go to the be-ach
2) hey lets all go to the be-ach (walks over to heather)
by Lexy November 24, 2004
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A man with a penis that reaches his belly button. A godsend.
'Wow, he's hot. And you know, he is a bellybutton...'

'OH, reall? I think I'll fuck him now. Excuse me...'
by Lexy October 21, 2003
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The hottest name on da block which also means SEXY and sometimes HO
"hey gurl that dress is so lexy"
"that gurl is such a lexy"
by Lexy October 24, 2003
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