8 definitions by Da' Hamma

a loud yell in order to gain the attention of other people
by Da' Hamma November 28, 2003
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a slang term for the action of having anal sex
"See her?"
"Yeah, I'd duke her."
by Da' Hamma December 24, 2003
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when a person excretes their feces into the mouth of an unsuspecting blond female, cuts of her blond hair and then puts it into a bowl. The female thn shapes the fees into a round ball like a meatball and spits it into the bowl and eats it with 2 spoons.
Who wants dinner?
I'm not hungry, I just had meatballs and spaghetti!
by Da' Hamma December 06, 2003
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having drunken butt sex and eating cheetos at the same time
Can't talk...having a mark.
by Da' Hamma November 30, 2003
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one day the jews are in egypt being all slave-like and thtye got pissed and was like "Ay, Moses, go to the pharaoh and be like LEt My People Go, aight?" so moses goes to he pharaoh and he's like "Ay, homeslice let me get a wod outside" and the pharaoh was like "Fo' shizzle dizzle" MOses was like "Let my people go" an the pharaoh was like "No" so moses said "NOw mygod is gonna bizznatch ur ass!aight?" so all the plagues happened and the pharaoh was like "OK MOses get out!" so moses went to the jews and was all like "H-hey let's go!" so they startd a-walkin' an got to the Red Sea to find out it was really blue and that the pharaoh was following them so moses was like "Ay god, a little help" and guess what god did. take a guess. HE made a bridge just like u thought rite, rie of course i'm rite it's my story. so the jews are in chillin' in the desert for 40 years and then all of a frieken sudden MOses turns around and starts walkin back to egypt and the jews was like "Ay, moses, where u going?" and he was like "to egypt, foo!" and the was like "butmoses the pharaoh will make u a leave again. y go back?" and ya know what moeses said? he was like "i left my shoes in egypt and those mothafu***s was jordans. ain' no way i leavin' dem in egypt!"
by Da' Hamma December 01, 2003
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when any sexual couple has intercourse on a bike, while swimming, while running 26.2 miles and jumping out of n airplane. the receiving partner then takes a dump while falling from the sky!
I am so tired,I just ran a marathon man!
by Da' Hamma December 01, 2003
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