1. One who slays others with handheld bladed weaponry.
2. One who uses far more spray on deodorant than necessary, resulting in a foul odor.
3. One whose slang or speech impediment causes them to say "axe" instead of "ask".
1. That axe murderer finally got put in jail, evil bastard.
2. Phew! You stank like a goddamn axe murderer.
3. Axe Murderer: "Yo homie, let me 'axe' you sumtin'"

Victim: "Shouldn't you be in school?"
by FL910 August 16, 2009
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A vagina is pounded so hard it becomes numb or dead.. murdered axe wound.. hence axe murderer
Girl: I can't feel my vagina anymore

Ron Weasely: thats why they call me an axe murderer :)

Girl: will i ever walk again?

Ron Weasely: No. (make me a sandwich)
by OlPol March 07, 2011
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1) a murderer with an axe as weapon of choice.
2) my mother in-law.
Hey bro can you hold onto my stash for a while, the axe murderer is commin over later to bust my balls about my worthless piece of shit life again.
by terminator-tim April 10, 2006
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and axe murderer is somebody who murders people with an axe
john: yo that guy just killed his bitch with an axe
jacob: yea he's a axe murderer
john: isn't he a juggalo?
jacob: same shit...
by bongwater705 December 09, 2007
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When are you gonna figure out you're married to one?
Woman in counseling-So, I married an axe murderer?

Shrink-I'm surprised you're able to ask, especially since you're planning on going home after you leave here. They don't have medicine for people like you ma'am, good day to you.
by Singleasaneel November 11, 2016
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