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1. One who slays others with handheld bladed weaponry.
2. One who uses far more spray on deodorant than necessary, resulting in a foul odor.
3. One whose slang or speech impediment causes them to say "axe" instead of "ask".
1. That axe murderer finally got put in jail, evil bastard.
2. Phew! You stank like a goddamn axe murderer.
3. Axe Murderer: "Yo homie, let me 'axe' you sumtin'"

Victim: "Shouldn't you be in school?"
by FL910 August 16, 2009

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Usually the day after Halloween, individuals who have overindulged in holiday sweets experience a crash. Symptoms include, but are not limited to:
-Desire to murder alarm clock
Bob: Where's Steve?
Jim: Chillax, he's probably just got a mad candy hangover.
Bob: What the fuck, is he 8 years old?
by FL910 October 31, 2009

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Basically, the British version of an American douchebag. They ride around in crappy tuner cars, dress like gangsters , wear obnoxious amounts of blinged out jewelry (especially earrings), knock up teenage girls, and smoke. Overall, they act like loitering assholes.
Those stupid chavs in the parking lot gave me so much lip I'd like to crack some skulls!
by FL910 September 04, 2009

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