a group of six girls with the initials of: H.N.,A.D,M.F.,M.R.,T.K.,M.S.
Person 1: ohh look at those girls over there i wanna pop their cherries
Person 2: Yeah i see them, they are aviators and i'd be nice to pop some mad cherries, ill take blondie, but you know what they say.... brunettes do it better.
by Hot chick456 June 13, 2010
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Everywhere else in tha world dey call the Aviators, but down here in tha yay area, A.K.A tha Town, we call them Stunnas.

"I rock Stunnas(Aviators) on my face wit that I smell boo boo look."
-Mistah F.A.B
by Sweet JT January 17, 2006
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