A very chill form of sunglasses popularized not so much by "vietnam-era helicoptor pilots" but by 70's stoners and modern stoner movies like "Dazed and Confused" and "Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas". The reason these glasses are so popular with stoners is that they are usually mirrored and cover your whole eye so that nobody can see your blood-shot eyes.
Oh shit, the fuzz, I've got to find my aviators stat.
by scarroll December 03, 2006
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Term for a type of sunglasses popularized by Vietnam-era helicopter pilots. However, in modern day, Aviators are usually only worn after consuming an immense ammount of alcohol and entering into "Tucker Max" stage of innebreation.
I was fucking blasted off of Red Bull and Vodka last night. Then I put my Aviators on and started working game with the ladies.
by john himself June 24, 2005
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When a man lays his penis vertically in the crack of a woman's buttocks, resembling a hotdog in a bun. Often used to instigate sexual activity while in bed.
"This morning was awesome. I gave Suzan the aviator and before I knew it we were goin wild"
by Robert Fields January 21, 2007
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A widly overworn sunglass that does not truely look good on anybody. Worn by rich preppy boys and the girls that whore themselves out to them. Started by kids finding their dads old hippy clothes in the basement. Now sold in almost every over-priced, trendy store you can think of.
bro#1 Hey man check out my new Aviators,only $150 at pacsun!
bro#2 Dude. those suck.
bro#1 awwww.
by hanhhh! November 13, 2005
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1. Aviators are those really big sunglasses from the 80's era that are coming back now. Tops are straight and the bottoms are curved like "U"s. The sunglasses that Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun.

2. Aviators is the plural of: Aviator:a person who flys or pilots a plane.
1. "Dude! Those are some rockin' aviators! I need to get me a pair."

2.Average Person A: "Look at those aviators."
Average Person B: "Yeah they think they are so cool because they can fly plains."
by Derek Roche November 19, 2007
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A male who masturbates upside down must wear a pair of goggles to protect his eyes from being hit with ejaculatory fluid upon finishing.
Dude I was definitely in aviator mode last night when I had to jerk off.
by fjdskfj October 04, 2010
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n. a noun used to describe a tall, extremely attractive male who plays lacrosse and football and gets freaky on the dance floor; more than likely a member of the whitchickah tribe and related to mashed potatoes.
"Girl, did you wanna bend the block to see if we can find that aviator who eats ham in the whitchickah tribe?"
by whitchickah May 27, 2008
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