A fad that started with certain female celebrities who got black eyes from their husbands/boyfriends, but needed to make public appearances anyway. They aren't cute, or appealing in any way. Their only purpose is covering one's bruises and/or making oneself look like an uppity bitch by purposely hiding ones expressions behind a bitch-trendy facade.
Big sunglasses don't say "I'm better than you". They say "I think I'm better than you because he still loves me even if he does beat my ass every night after the show."
by D351 January 31, 2007
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another retarded trend for the poser scenesters
jennie: do you think my big sunglasses are hot sex?
not a scene fag: no youre gay, only sex is sex and they make you look like a fly,stupid trendwhore
by huka luka muka July 21, 2005
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