Term for a type of sunglasses with a sort or inverted teardrop shape that cover the entire eye. Popularized by Vietnam-era helicopter pilots (who looked slick as shit)
I traded Devin my pair of old aviators and he never takes them off.
by Shai July 25, 2004
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Term for a type of sunglasses popularized by Vietnam-era helicopter pilots. However, in modern day, Aviators are usually only worn after consuming an immense ammount of alcohol and entering into "Tucker Max" stage of innebreation.
I was fucking blasted off of Red Bull and Vodka last night. Then I put my Aviators on and started working game with the ladies.
by john himself June 24, 2005
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Everywhere else in tha world dey call the Aviators, but down here in tha yay area, A.K.A tha Town, we call them Stunnas.

"I rock Stunnas(Aviators) on my face wit that I smell boo boo look."
-Mistah F.A.B
by Sweet JT January 18, 2006
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sun glasses often woren by pilots hence the name aviators made popular by vietnam chopper pilots and police officers
aviators usually come in two sizes 52 mm lens and the big 75 mm lenses

very handy to have a pair of aviators at all times never know where and how and why you will need them but they always are useful
I wear my aviators when I drive my car
by 1989 March 6, 2007
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There's a big difference between a pilot and an aviator. One is a technician, the other is an artist in love with flight.
- E.B. Jeppesen
Those who enter the field for the sole purpose of impressing others with their aeronautical knowledge can never be true aviators.
by turbine October 18, 2004
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Rules telling us bees cant fly
According to all known laws
of aviation, there is no way a bee
should be able to fly.
by NS2203 July 8, 2016
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To do with planes. Pretty much flying a plane.
Aviators are the people who fly planes, or sunnies. Aviation is for the elite.
by Paixx May 5, 2015
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