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A subgroup of science fiction and fantasy fans who focus on cartoon birds, anthropomorphic birds, or human-bird hybrids. Can have a sexual aspect.
Them: "I'm a furry. My fursona is a fox."
You: "Oh, I'm a feathery! My feathersona is an owl. We featheries are similar to furries."
by Little Lord WTF? December 24, 2010
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Feathery's are people who love birds and own bird sword books. They are related to the furry but don't dress up in animal costumes. If you shoot a bird in front of a feathery you will well... cease to exist
bird master: well atleast i'm not a furry
furry: (cries)
by Dasher27 January 15, 2019
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Hair like Tyler Timblin. To have luscious hair.To have hair like a bird and it will someday help you fly away. To have nice flow, Hair like Justin Bieber before he was famous so stop calling it Bieber Hair. It is extremely rare to have such awesome hair!
Tyler your hair looks feathery today.
by Kaylin Monnot December 23, 2012
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A term used to describe a person who dresses up as any avian/feathered species in a full body feather, or fake feather suit. Similar to how a furry wears a fursuit.
A: Hey did you see that Feathery at the comic-con?
B: Yep, that's a new one. I wouldn't be surprised if next year they had snake costumes.
by maple.smash March 30, 2019
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