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Heroic TransFormer, a member of the original good faction in TransFormers Generation 1 and several subsequent series. (Known as Seibertons or Cybertrons in Japan, and renamed as Maximals for Beast Wars).

Most Autobots transform into cars and land-based vehicles. Diverse in personality, they are usually given "human" traits in their various depictions (fallible, open to error, with personality differences, etc.). Their political economy is based on generosity and on protecting others, especially the weak. As an army, they seem to have been set up solely to fight the Decepticons, who pre-existed them as a fighting force.

The Autobot insignia is a red head, which looks quite like the head of the Autobot Jazz. In the cartoons, Autobots always fire red laser bolts, distinguishable from the Decepticons' purple bolts.

The Autobots nearly always win, usually because of the Decepticons' arrogance and stupidity, despite their usual inferior starting position (itself pretty strange since Autobot toys and named characters have always outnumbered their Decepticon counterparts). This gives a "moral" dimension to TransFormers stories.

Initially led by Optimus Prime, a strong-willed and steadfast yet also self-questioning and insecure Autobot who transformed into a lorry cab. Later led by a number of characters including Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus.

Eventually won the war on Earth (where both sides had crashed), apparently due to their cooperation with humans. Were attempting to re-take Cybertron (long a Decepticon preserve) when Unicron struck in Transformers: The Movie. Later took over and rejuvenated Cybertron in series 3 (and after, in Japan) of the cartoon, although in the comics, the war on Cybertron continues indefinitely. (One obscure comic strip in an annual depicts the Autobots eventually winning the war, only to start fighting one another over who was to rule the spoils... hardly in character for the Autobots, probably written by a Hobbesian).
"I will rip open Ultra Magnus, and every last Autobot, until the Matrix is destroyed!" (Galvatron, in Transformers: The Movie)
by Andy April 19, 2004
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One who wages his/her battles to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons.
They're motherfuckin robots in disguise people.

by addyAddict April 19, 2009
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1. A group of robots from the popular TV show transformers.

2. An infamous street-gang known for their dancing abilities and oddly lovable faces. They are not known for violence, but don't test them niggaz.
Yo, my boy got killed by the Autobots, they shot him in the dick!
by Nigga on the Net August 21, 2008
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My childhood deprived friend thought the old 80's cartoon catch phrase was "Autobots, transform & PULL OUT".

Autobot now forever means when you pull out before you skeet inside of a girl.
My girl is taking meds for a sinus infection which can counteract birth control, so last night I totally had to pull an autobot.
by Mr. Funday August 06, 2009
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Affectionate slang term describing a person on the autistic spectrum, usually used amongst high-functioning autistic people and those with asperger's syndrome.

Contrasted with deceptacon, which is a pejorative term describing a neurotypical person.
He's like that because he's an autobot. His honesty and reluctance to play mind-games and deception are the main reasons I like him, actually.
by iddles May 18, 2011
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The good guys of the Transformers universe. There were quite an abundant amount of them, the most notable being Bumblebee, Jazz, Ratchet, Ironhide, and Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime. They were all led by the noble leader Optimus Prime. They fought to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons, the bad guys of the Transformers universe, led by Megatron. That simple.
Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons.
by HueyFreeman September 15, 2006
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