What I have right now, damnit.
"You fucker! I got a sinus infection from you!"
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
When a girl is supplying you with oral pleaure. Near the point of climax, the male quickly forces his "organ" into the females nostril. He then releases his semen into her nose bukakke style. This will cause a sinus like reaction.
Man, I gave your mom a mad sinus infection last night
by estew February 27, 2004
The act of sticking your dick up somebodies nose. This can be done as either a prank or to give pleasure to oneself.
I pranked my roommate by giving him a sinus infection. He had a runny nose the next morning.
by b-ulrich July 11, 2008
Sinus infections are when your sinuses get congested with moist mucus. This also, if not treated, can turn into some great green thick royal icing that is great for decorating cakes and steaks. When left for months, the sinus infection can turn into a pool of slime, which can be emptied and use as nickelodeon slime. So next time you are watching someone get slimed, remember this. It may be you or your crushes mucus from a month ago. You can also use a humidifier to simulate vaping. Just shove it up your nose and it will literally do nothing… nothing. Its air. Also, if you do pot, you can get lung cancer or die. So shove that up your nose, too for a great aroma that will last even after you are buried from dying of lung cancer. Drink lots of the fluids that come out of your sinuses. It really helps your hospital fees go up. You can use a nasal saline spray to make more liquids. If you for some odd reason haven’t had a sinus infection, its okay, because I am going to describe it to you. It is like someone poured some slime ur your nasal cleavage and then shoved it through your ears and into your eyebrows. Just some great pain as if you are lactating out of your eyes. Also delicious.
Sorry, Molly. I already ate all of my sinus slime! Youre going to have to wait until you have your sinus infections
by Uterus Pesto August 25, 2018