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An admission of jealousy. "I'm so jealous". An adaptation of the phrase "miso horny", which is a mutation of the phrase "me so horny", which is a poorly translated version of the phrase "I'm so horny". But with jealousy instead of horn.

Miso jelly could also conceivably be a type of food, which facilitates humourous use of the phrase as a pun.
"OMG you got the latest iButtPlug, MISO JELLY"

"What's the matter baby? Can't finish your supersized bowl of miso jelly?"
by iddles July 10, 2012
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Affectionate slang term describing a person on the autistic spectrum, usually used amongst high-functioning autistic people and those with asperger's syndrome.

Contrasted with deceptacon, which is a pejorative term describing a neurotypical person.
He's like that because he's an autobot. His honesty and reluctance to play mind-games and deception are the main reasons I like him, actually.
by iddles May 19, 2011
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Something that is rotated an undesirable amount around some axis.

Portmanteau of rotated and retarded.
FFS, this photo is rotarded. Haven't facebook heard of EXIF metadata?
by iddles December 28, 2011
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The fear of things that are far away.
Alpha Centauri freaks me out man!!!

That is because you have telephobia. Also you are on drugs.
by iddles June 13, 2012
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