You better watch it. Authors have The Ultimate Power. They can kill people without getting arrested. They can sink your ships. They can do all sorts of awful things. So by all means, join us!
Friend: *Sobs*
Me: Author?
Friend: *Nods*
Me: Thought so.
by fangirlsforever April 14, 2017
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An author can be a writer or creator of anything in which "author" is followed by. It can be used as a dis or a positive comment.
That guy over there, hes the author of douche.

DAMN you see that chick, shes the author of huge tits.

Yo G, I'm the author of crack slang'n.
by Friedolays November 08, 2009
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someone who writes fucked up and stupid books for stupid people to read. Other times you can be cool if you write books with loads of cuss words in them, or write stuff that is actually interesting and not completely stupid, and full of characters we actually care about
Most authors are horrible at writing.
by bread infection April 28, 2008
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Me. And any other person who wrote a definition on this site
I'm an author
by Dubiks November 10, 2018
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Sadists who probably enjoy making us cry.
β€œI love those authors. I also hate them with all of my being”
by Help_me_pls April 20, 2018
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