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A university located in Prince George, British Columbia. Known as UNBC and the University of No Better Choice.
I want to go to the University of Northern British Columbia because I can't afford to live in Vancouver while going to school.
by moonbug November 13, 2006
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A term used instead of global warming because the full impact of human caused CO2 emissions isn't known to scientists, and many are predicting that worldwide heating of the atmosphere may cause changes in ocean currents, and therefore, in some cases, cooling of some areas like the Eastern seaboard of North America.

The existence of climate change is virtually undisputed by all the world's leading scientists. The only people who mock it are fools who have been duped by the echo chamber created by junk science manufactured by oil companies and car manufacturers, in short, those who have a vested instrest in the status quo.

Only a complete retard or a goof would believe that climate change isn't occuring, or that "left wing" envirotards are part of some vast conspiracy to make-believe that we are in the midst of the sixth great extinction. What possible motive would these pinko commies have to pretend that the climate is changing? What benefit would such chicken little posturing have to them? The answer is no benefit whatsoever.

If you aren't sure whose motives are suspect, think of the old Roman proverb "look to see who benefits". Enviromentalists don't have some secret hidden agenda, they sincerly just want to live on a habitable planet. They don't make money from saving forests. Who makes money, the corporations, or the environmentalists?

Think about it, as a person who probably acts in their own rational self interest, who is more likely to lie and cheat, the party who stands to make or lose money? Or the poor buffoon who just wants to save some owls, and maybe breathe clean air?

Does anyone really honestly think their car exhaust dissapears?
Hurricane Katrina was an intense storm that was made more intense by the effects of climate change.
by moonbug November 17, 2006
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A Roman emperor (63 BCE to 14 CE), winner of the civil war that ensued after the death of Julius Caesar. The month of August gets its name from Augustus. He was a patron of the arts, and despite his bloody ways his reign is often seen as commencing golden age in Rome.
Augustus commissioned Virgil to write the Aeneid.
by moonbug November 12, 2006
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A proper name. Anchises was the father of Aeneas through Venus and is a major character in the epic poem by Virgil, the Aeneid.
Aged Anchises was led from the smoking ruins of Troy by his son, Aeneas.
by moonbug April 8, 2005
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The Official Smashing Pumpkins message board was nicknamed the O-board by users to distinguish it from unofficial fan sites.
I miss the O-board, since it shut down lots of people stopped posting.
by moonbug November 17, 2006
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Let's drive to PG for the fuck of it.

No way! That's like 15 hours from Vancouver!
by moonbug November 13, 2006
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A fable created by Billy Corgan, front man of The Smashing Pumpkins. The story of Glass and the Machines of God is propagated by the band's album, Machina. The Machina lyric booklet contains one chapter of the fable, the rest of the chapters, except for chapter four, were posted online throughout the Mystery. Chapter four, The Story of June has never been posted.

The Mystery was based on Glass and the Machines of God.
Glass and the Machines of God is very simular in concept to Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
by moonbug November 17, 2006
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