Coining up a foolish, humorous insinuation about somebody or something that is probably not valid.

Assumers are also usually, if not always assdouches. Since these unintelligent individuals seems to be associated with a lot of douchebag and asshole actions.

They are ignorant to reality, and make assumptions in order to mentally compensate for their own assdoucheyness, by creating humor for their own enjoyment, for the purposes of getting on the nerves of others.

For further information on this kind, look up "Assdouche".

"You say you don't want anybody over today Stevey? I can only make the ASSumption that you're going to have an 8 hour masturbation marathon to Jew-Porn."

"You're taking the dog out for a walk? Ha, I doubt it! I'm just going to ASSume that you're secretly a closet-zoophilliac that is waiting to act out on his urges and now this is the perfect opportunity, I'm calling the cops!"

by Werge (Jarrid) November 03, 2008
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To make an Ass out of you & me
Don’t assume, it’s embarrassing for the both of us.
by BrwnCowstyn2 March 17, 2020
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Macy: are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day with Pablo?
Georgia: no, why?
Macy: I’m sorry I assumed you two were dating.
Georgia: no we’re just friends, he has a girlfriend, Divya. When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.
by nutella137 August 06, 2020
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To think someone said something and then act on that information.
"Josh! I thought you said you were done." "Then you assumed wrong, Cayce!"
by Curobos March 08, 2013
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When FRANK and Jessica dont communicate effectively, constantly making ass u me (motions).

by PineappleJuice February 22, 2015
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