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Noun: A combination of the words "ass" and "perspiration". Sweaty butt syndrome.
"Can I take a shower dude? that long drive and my leather seats left me with a mad case of asspiration."
by Saint Rosa July 10, 2008
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The often prolonged desire of one sexual partner to give his (or her) sexual partner anal sex.
Jack had major asspirations for Jill for four months before working up the nerve to tell her. Little did Jack know, Jill and her strap-on had some asspirations of her own.
by silentbobsaidso March 17, 2015
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(n.) Refers to two different posterior-related subjects:
1. Motivated dreams/hopes of being permitted sexual access to someone's behind (i.e., "given ass")
2. Farts (i.e., “anal respirations”).

One should note that such bodily expulsions (especially if they are excessively loud/odiferous) as mentioned in Definition 2 may very likely have a direct and dramatic "dampening effect" on the intensity of the desirous thoughts/feelings described in Definition 1. Nothing turns off someone of either gender more quickly/dramatically than a humongous load of sulphur-flavored methane ejected at close range. This instantaneous negative reaction can either be an enormously vexing problem or an incredibly useful tool, depending on the circumstances and the wishes/intent of the wind-breaker. On the one hand, for example, if someone is trying to cause his/her romantic partner to feel happy and comfortable about bodily-sharing, he will want to make the experience as pleasant/peaceful as possible, and so any carelessly-released bubble of gas would definitely be inadvisable. If, however, one of the "lovers" is having serious doubts about the compatibility/advisability of the romantic union, his "letting one rip" can be a powerful strategy to cause the other person to quickly lose interest and flee, without either individual's actually saying anything to discourage further lovemaking.
Baked-bean-loving dude: I have **great asspirations** every time I see a chick with a cute round bum, but then I always drive her away with my **bodily asspirations** that invariably seem to pop out right when we're in the middle of humpin'.
by QuacksO January 14, 2015
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perspiration of the ass resulting in a swamp butt when severe
Scene: On a hot summer day

Chrissy to Emily "Damn it's hot in here, do I have asspiration?"

Emily ::looks at Chrissy's ass:: "Nope, you're in the clear"

End scene
by manningtonB September 01, 2009
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