someone who has characteristics of an old man.
1. falling asleep anywhere including using a calculator
2. wandering off with no purpose or destination
3. mumbling to himself because 'its a bonus if anyone is listening'
by anon January 12, 2004
Any person (regardless of age or gender), place, or thing lacking in speed.
"Way to go 5 miles per hour under the speed limit, gramps!"

"C'mon, slowass gramps!"

"Jesus christ, get the hell outta my way, gramps!"
by Scott Williford April 25, 2006
A crazy bastard from Seattle known for his way with the ladies. Particularly when on vacation in vegas.
Gramps get off that 19 year old. You don't know where she's been.
by Eva Wilts December 9, 2005
by helly October 1, 2002
Gramped is what happens to a man when he becomes a grandfather for the first time.
My daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I got gramped!
by Cyprus Denton Fekks November 21, 2010
An endeering term used generally to describe a male friend who is gradually showing more and more characteristics similar to that of a grandad.
"G" used to go out pubbing all the time and never really minded spiders much, but now he has developed a sudden case of arachnaphobia and much prefers to sit at home with the wife, pipe and slippers. We used to prefer "G" when he wasn't such a Gramps!
by The Awesome: Explorer June 18, 2008
the act of getting really high and falling asleep at awkward times in a lazy boy in the poze of a grandpa
tyler got sooooo high last night and he totally gramped, he started gramping at like 6 oclock
by Deckland December 24, 2009