There is no perfect girlfriend it's about what you think is perfect not what everyone else says.
The perfect girlfriend is the one you never want to let go. Ever.
by Cora_love_97 November 27, 2013
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The girl who is always there for you no matter how far apart you are geographically. She treats you perfect no matter how stupid you are. She loves you through thick and thin. I love you Buttercup.
by CurlyFryLovesButtercup May 17, 2018
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She loves you no matter what, she puts up when you have those moments, you always have the most perfect time with her, you love not only her but her family. She's funny, caring, considerate, down to earth, BEAUTIFUL, amazing smile and eyes that you would die to have! You can be yourself and not be judged. You can be weird together and she's just the most perfect person and you love her with all your heart. <3
Perfect Girlfriend:Taylor Rachelle Arnold<3
by AlekssilvA April 5, 2012
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A perfect, gorgeous, sweet, amazing, fantastic, awesome girl! Who will stick by your side through thick and thin! Who will comfort you in hard times and will love you unconditionally no matter what!
by Trent❤Alyssa June 8, 2013
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A girl who is amazing, she is your night and day. she is the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about before you sleep. she is a woman you would fallow to the depth of hell or the highest of heavens. She is amazing, gorgeous, beautiful and funny. There is no such thing as a perfect person but she's perfect for you.
Alexis you're the perfect girlfriend for me love roy
by fergalicious0:) June 15, 2016
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Bailey chiales
Bailey chiales is the most loving caring girlfriend you will ever find she is utterly the epitome of a perfect girlfriend.
by Luis sandoval V June 8, 2017
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