A term approved by "The Dictionary Of Ebonics" to describe an individual who has been diagnosed with autism. Artism has been known to be heavily associated with educated mental health professionals who are of the oppressed alternatively pigmented American population.
Mental Health Professional:"I work with peoples who have artism and ass burgers."

Enlih Dictionary Tree Hugger: "You got a masters degree to work with people who draw pictures of burgers with their ass?"
by Daggarious February 02, 2012
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When somebody is really good at art, but they think it's bad, while everybody else thinks it's good.
She had Artism about her drawing
by King Katacus March 02, 2018
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When you make a bad meme when you make a pathetic attempt at drawing, usually in microsoft paint.
I made a drawing. It's bad I know I have artism.
by invictu5 September 25, 2017
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