In mathematics, arrays are a method for storing information arranged in some specified way, for example a list, or a table. It is also a method used by math geeks to ask their boss for more money.
by murr2k July 29, 2013
Array is a word which is usually used to call a person in India.

"Array Ramesh."
"Array Suresh."
by Samajhdaar May 20, 2018
The girl that seems emo in the world but is amazing to everyone. Everybody should fall in love with an Array at least once
I think I found the Array I'm looking for
by Chachaboochi October 24, 2008
A robloxian female with A TON of fuckin porn of her.
Secus: I need a character to make porn of.
Nolsen:Let's just use Array again.
Secus: Shit you right.
by Ocean Dad February 20, 2018
the super powerfull laser gun use in ratchet and clank size matters. it is fully up graded and has the ability to be modded. it is also cappable of giving haircuts pleasuring MILFS and destroying earth as we knoow it. the optic maser array is also used to describe and overkill so overkill that only ninjas and the guy from ask a ninja can see without their heads compleatly re arranging the evoloutionary cycly
"zomfg! dood u just fukin optic maser arrayed that nubcake!!!!"
by Dragon5 August 30, 2007