a word Ukrainians describe Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia, who is behind the Russian aggression against Ukraine. It combines names of Putin and Hitler, describing the methods of the Russian president
A man holds a sign depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin as World War II German dictator Adolf Hitler with text reading "Putler you're finished !" during a demonstration entitled "Ukraine and Crimea are together" in Kiev, on March 2, 2014
by igroshek October 13, 2014
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Putin-Hiler = Putler. Name given to someone with an inferiority complex who likes to bully, but doesn’t realise the huge limitations to their own power
Putler was a right wanker invading Ukraine and lying to his people that he was on a “special military operation”.
by ElHodgo March 17, 2022
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A huesos who likes to steal money, especcialy from the state budget.
- Sorry, i've took your money without asking.
- What a Putler you turned out to be!
by xxx_liberal_xxx February 1, 2019
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What you get when you combine Russian President Vladimir Putin with Former German Dictator Adolf Hitler.
Harold is a giant evil piece of shit, he's such a Vladolf Putler.
by PhoenixGamer34 March 10, 2022
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Literally means "Putler (Putin) is broken" in Slavic and German
Russian/Ukrainian: Путлер капут!
Person 1: Slava Ukraini!
Persin 2: Putler Kaput!
by UrLocalSeagull April 27, 2023
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