Definitely one hell of a guy! Intelligent, handsome, witty, kindhearted, mentor, friend, family person, adventurer, logical, out of this world thoughts. What more can you ask for? Google in the making! Don't ever piss him off and for sure he will burst out his thoughts. Definitely will scare the hell of you. A friend who will help you all along, a father who will take care of you, a mentor to guide you in life's challenges, will give everything for his love ones. He will for sure turn your dreams to reality. Tough yet soft, Witty yet a joker, Serious yet fun, Slow yet rough, Predictable yet weird. An over all package... He will for sure turn your world around!
You will Suresh-ly be surprise knowing this guy.
by Truepersoninsideandout May 18, 2016
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Also fondly known as soodu kai(Hot Hands) suresh features in the movie pumpset padmini one of the greatest movies of all time. He is often regarded as the next keanu reeves and often found helping elephants and pigs.
Suresh is such a fine actor
by mayo223 July 24, 2019
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Sureshed – adj. Feeling of confusion at 7 am after 3 hours of sleep, wondering where things went wrong and whether you submitted that assignment by 11:59.
I'm sorry I missed the meetings this morning, I was totally Sureshed.
by EMBA16 June 18, 2015
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lord of the lords
sur + iswara = suresh
by s007 February 2, 2010
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Keerthy Suresh is the top most actress in the South Film Industry. She has huge fanbase comprising of all age groups. Besides receiving National Award for her remarkable performance in Mahanati, she is known for her down-to-earth off screen attitude which made many to become her die hard fans. Her abominable growth within no time also brought her few haters, who always try to degrade her, though their efforts go in vain every time.
Keerthy Suresh is lub 💗
by Prefix_Suffix March 28, 2021
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Suresh Raina is an Indian international cricketer & Captain. An aggressive left-handed middle-order batsman and an occasional off-spin bowler, he is also regarded as one of the best fielders in world cricket.
He is the third batsman in the world and first Indian to hit a T20I century.
Raina was the first ever batsman to score a T20I century when batting at number 3 position or lower as well as in World T20 history as he did it in the 2010 ICC World T20.44
He is the first Indian batsman to score centuries in all the three formats of the game.
He was the twelfth Indian player to score test century on debut.
He is the only Indian to score centuries in both T20I and ODI World Cup.
He is the First Indian player to score 6000 as well as 8000 runs in Twenty20 career
Suresh Raina is the Legendry Selfless Cricketer in the world
by selabi January 7, 2021
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a creature, with a habitual act of wanting good grades.
However, when you get one screw lose in a Deepika Suresh, it can be a party animal! However, if poked, prodded, or agitated, a deepika suresh can angrily respond with a smack and by syaing "hooligan" "hoodlum" or "stop your nonsense and/or shennanigans". a deepika suresh is generally a creature that enojys hitting the books on the weekends, but if a very delicious creature of preferably the opposite sex comes along, it will abandon its habitat and blow EVERYONES MINDS.

Also, a deepika suresh refers to a very pleasing object to ones sense
wow i had the greatest time kissing that deepika suresh last night.
by meowzzies May 16, 2011
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